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Procrastination begone! Fed up not having a suitable outlet to write about standards-based web development stuff, I finally decided to so something about it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you static.html.

Okay, so by now you'll have realised that it's very much a work-in-progress. The site is still missing a lot of the features I'd like to have: delicious bookmark integration, article tags, etc. However, I wanted to get something up before I started my new job at LOVEFiLM so that I didn't have an excuse not to write interesting web development articles.

Speaking of articles, I have one in the works on lanyon, the python-based static site generator that I used to build this site. lanyon was born out of my fascination with static page generation and my desire to learn python properly. I was inspired by both Jekyll and Hyde — in fact, Dr. Lanyon was the name of the character who first encounters Hyde in the classic novella — and although lanyon isn't quite as robust or as flexible as either of those two yet I think it was a worthwhile exercise.


I've decided to use this site as an opportunity to start messing with some of the new semantic elements in HTML5, but doing so in a way that is backwards-compatible with browsers that have no idea what to do with those elements. Yes, I'm looking at you, Internet Explorer.

Rather than use a Remy Sharp's HTML5 JavaScript shim as recommended by Mark Pilgrim, I've chosen to wrap new elements like <article> and <time> using existing elements like <div> and <span> with appropriate classes. I can then use the latter in my CSS selectors to ensure that the styles work regardless of which browser you're using and whether or not you have JavaScript enabled.

What's in a name?

I can't actually take credit for the domain name and the delectable way it plays against my former blog at; you (and I) have Ian Pouncey to thank for that little witticism.