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  1. – a wolf in sheep's clothing

    It seems that Microsoft are just as sick of users sticking with IE6 as web developers are, if their latest venture is anything to go by. You'd think that web developers – at least the ones who haven't already abandoned support for IE6 – would get behind this movement in their droves, and they may… but at what cost?

  2. HTML5 link prefetching severely broken in Chrome

    Link prefetching should be a relatively simple technique that web developers can use to improve the performance of their pages. Unfortunately, a crippling bug in Chrome means that using technique will result in your users being served up a broken page.

  3. HTML5's <video> is perfectly usable, thank you very much

    The HTML5 specification explicitly allows browsers to ignore the autobuffer attribute on media elements such as <audio> and <video>, and some browsers auto-buffer content regardless of whether this attribute is present. Is this a case of the specification being too pragmatic, and if so what can be done to improve the situation?

  4. HTML5's <cite> element: what is it good for?

    I've been guilty of taking the <cite> element for granted, but what would a future with a more restrictive <cite> element be like, and is it the kind of future we really want our children to grow up in?