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  1. HTML5's <video> is perfectly usable, thank you very much

    The HTML5 specification explicitly allows browsers to ignore the autobuffer attribute on media elements such as <audio> and <video>, and some browsers auto-buffer content regardless of whether this attribute is present. Is this a case of the specification being too pragmatic, and if so what can be done to improve the situation?

  2. The HTML class attribute

    I often hear developers refer to the “css class attribute”, something that to my knowledge doesn't actually exist. There is a class attribute in HTML, but there's much more you can do with that than just make your content look pretty.

  3. HTML5's <cite> element: what is it good for?

    I've been guilty of taking the <cite> element for granted, but what would a future with a more restrictive <cite> element be like, and is it the kind of future we really want our children to grow up in?

  4. The problem with SproutCore

    SproutCore, one of a new breed of web application frameworks, brings desktop-like application user interfaces to your web browser, but is painting with <div> elements really where we want to be heading?